Family Day 2023 Activities

Happy Family Day! There are quite a few family activities (most of them free!) happening around Sidney and Victoria today. Here are some of the ones I have learned about... Family Day at Royal Athletic ParkWhen: 10:30am-1:30pmWhere: Royal Athletic ParkWhat: Music, mini-field soccer, disc golf, bouncy castle, and base running with the HarbourCats mascot.  Family … Continue reading Family Day 2023 Activities

Friday’s GF Find: Tutti Frutti Modeling Clay

Just this week I learned about a gluten free alternative to play-doh! It’s called Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough, and it’s sold at our local Saanich Peninsula toy store, Buddies Toys. It comes in 12 different colours/fragrances, and sells for $2.99/100g container. After struggling with homemade GF play-doh a bit in the past, I have … Continue reading Friday’s GF Find: Tutti Frutti Modeling Clay