Health & Wellness

These are a few health-related resources that I have found to be useful over the years:


  • The Celiac Scene: If you know anyone that is Celiac, or eating a gluten-free diet, this is an incredible resource. Learn updates on gluten-free topics, find out about gluten-free products, and explore gluten-free restaurants all over the island.

Emergencies Preparedness:

  • Prepared BC: The BC Government’s resource for building an earthquake emergency kit.

Medical Assistance & Vitamins:

  • Medimap: Medimap allows you to search for local medical clinics and find out the hours, directions, and wait times.
  • Thriftys Baby Be Healthy Program: “Baby Be Healthy is an initiative that supports new mothers with access to reliable, professional advice from their local Thrifty Foods pharmacist, and FREE prenatal vitamins”.
  • HealthLinkBC: Interactive symptom checker, Nurses help line, and much more.