Kid-Friendly Restaurants

These are just a few of the local restaurants that we have enjoyed as a family, and found to be kid-friendly:

  • Moxie’s: I used to think of Moxie’s as a date night/dinner with friends place – but it’s also a great restaurant for kids! The kid’s dessert is a huge hit with our girls: they use dry ice to transform your child’s ice cream into a mini volcano!
  • Old Spaghetti Factory: Old Spaghetti Factory meals are reasonably priced, and all include sourdough bread, soup or salad, spumoni ice cream, and tea or coffee!
  • Red Robin: Red Robin is definitely a family favourite. They have a kids menu, take-home balloons, and mini chalkboards with games to entertain the kids until the food arrives! Bonus: they are great with Celiac diners.
  • Sidney Harbour Chinese Buffet Restaurant: The owners of this restaurant are fabulous, and make you feel like you are their favorite customer every time you come in. They were amazing with our little one, and she (and we!) loved the buffet!
  • The Village: We went for a lunch at the Torquay location, and our waitress was fantastic with our little ones, and they had a great kids special! The fresh, locally sourced ingredients and delicious meals are a huge plus as well.