Friday’s (GF) Find: eos Lip Balm

Today’s Friday Find isn’t a gluten free food item – but instead a lip balm! As our daughter got a bit older, she was asking about using a lip balm. I don’t know of any research that shows that Celiac need to use a gluten free lip balm. Some research (see Celiac Canada) suggests that the amount of gluten found in lip balms is not enough to affect a Celiac. But for now, we figured that if a gluten free option exists, we might as well play it safe (see the National Celiac Association for thoughts on this).

After some research, I found eos (evolution of smooth) lip balms! These lip balms are gluten free … and organic, cruelty free, hypo-allergenic, and more! And they come in many delicious flavours! We’ve been able to find these at Save On Foods, Shoppers, indigo Chapters, and Amazon.

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